house: names [67 results]

Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
I-033a A10
I-034 A08
I-034 B01
I-095a A07 miscellaneous
IR-012 B02 lifestyle
M-005 A01
M-006 A03 work:
N-052 A12 farm
PP-001 B01 lifestyle
PP-001 B02
PP-001 B03
PP-001 B04
PP-001 B05
PP-001 B07 music
PP-001 B08
PP-009 B01
PP-009 B10
PP-009 B11
PP-009 B12 jobs:
PP-009 B13
PP-009 B14
PP-009 B15
PP-009 B16 anecdote
PP-009 B17 anecdote
PP-009 B18
PP-009 B19
PP-009 B02
PP-009 B20
PP-009 B21
PP-009 B22
PP-009 B23
PP-009 B26
PP-009 B03
PP-009 B04
PP-009 B05
PP-009 B06 anecdote
PP-009 B07 music
PP-009 B08 washing clothes
PP-009 B09
PP-009 A10 anecdote - Cuba
PP-009 A11 anecdote
PP-009 A12
PP-009 A13
PP-009 A14
PP-009 A15
PP-009 A16
PP-009 A17
PP-009 A18
PP-009 A19
PP-009 A02
PP-009 A20
PP-009 A21
PP-009 A22 anecdote
PP-009 A23
PP-009 A03
PP-009 A04
PP-009 A05
PP-009 A06
PP-009 A07
PP-009 A08
PP-009 A09
SD-004b B04 miscellaneous
SM-011 A15 lifestyle - jobs:
I-091a A08 Moņa house from Mezkiritz. Juliana told about how a very nice girl lived over there. And someone must have said: "hori neska moņa;a (moņoņa?)" (what a nice girl). The other houses: Kolixenea, Kondea, Arteria, Apesui, Modestoren etxea, Nikolasenea, Errota.
I-040 B04 The names of the houses in the village: Ortzegokoa, Arginena, Primonea, Alkatrena, Juan Pedroņa, Maizterrenea, Etxeberria, Apeztegia ...The new houses do not all belong to descenents from the village.
I-048 B09 miscellaneous - jobs: Doctor Samaniego was famous for causing a lot of hurt. A couple of cases.He lived in Bizkarreta-Gerendiain. The houses of Bizkarreta-Gerendiain. About some people from the village and the repairs to the houses.
I-091b A05 grammar: Rainbow, ash, dust.An explanation on the words and on the names of the houses.