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D-002 A02
IR-016 A03 animal husbandry
IR-021 A04
SM-007a A03
SM-007b B01
I-050 A01 grammar:
SM-006b A01 lifestyle - animal husbandry When she was young everyone spoke in Basque. Even today there are still some Basque speakers in the village. The young people in her house are learning Basque.In the village school the priest has given a course in Basque. Another group meets in the society.When she was young the only thing she spoke at home was Basque. But when she began to walk out with her friends they would speak Spanish.The villages roundabout where Basque is most spoken.
SM-006b A03 Her brother fell into a cave at the age of ten and died.She had two sons and one of them was killed by the armed guards. They shot four bullets into his back when he was at the smuggling.The other son on going into the bathroom to wash himself fell backwards and died. He left four kids behind him.
IC-002a A03 Before all of them worked on the land. As well as the land they kept cows. But they got an illness and all of them had to be taken away. The work and the studies of those young people in the family. They will never be farmers again. At the beginning they worked at the threshing. But gradually the harvester and those things have come in.
SD-009a A01 miscellaneous Introduces himself. How he learnt music and how to play the “chistu” (flute) He got married at twenty-four and he was in charge of the inn that his parents had had. He has one son and one daughter and two grandchildren.(03:35”) Most people from Sara live from the land. As profits are few, the children work outside in the factories.
II-012c A03 beliefs - moon: (28:53") The Moon has a lot of influence on the vegetable plots. The onions, for example, are planted in the fourth phase of the waning moon in December and gathered at the waning moon.Other beliefs.
II-012c A01 beliefs - weather - moon: Introduction: The Moon and its influence.(02:20") Ember Days: The kind of weather during this period will be the kind of weather had during the following three months."Zotalegunak": The first twelve days of the year will be an anticipation of the weather over the next twelve months of the year.(08:05") The agricultural calendar depends on the lunar cycles. The harvest times depended on that and the sowed in the fourth phase of the new moon.It also had an influence on the livestock. Anecdotes. The time for cutting the wood also depended on the Moon. The wood for firewood was cut down as the moon was growing. Wood for furniture however, should be cut in the waning moon, as it will not get twisted when used.
IC-016a A05 nutrition: - animals: cows
N-064 A01 He uses a standardized form of language, perhaps that of the “koine” of those who emigrated to America. In some cases the aspiration can be noted. The chores in the farmhouse. In spite of the fact that there were ten brothers and sisters, they were not enough to do all the jobs of the farmhouse, as everything had to be done by hand. The livestock were the most demanding, to milk them, to feed them, etc. Nowadays everything is done by hand. In the old days there were all kinds of crops: wheat, corn, potato, beans, and turnips. Nowadays it is all grass fodder for the livestock. Before, they used to cut the hay with a scythe and turning it over it dried in the sun. Nowadays the machine collects the hay and covers it with a plastic. The manure was taken out in carts and was spread with a rake. In the old days everything was cultivated so as to be auto-sufficient. Now a few workers can do more than what was done by many in the old days.