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IR-016 A03 agriculture
I-005 A08
SM-006b A01 lifestyle - agriculture When she was young everyone spoke in Basque. Even today there are still some Basque speakers in the village. The young people in her house are learning Basque.In the village school the priest has given a course in Basque. Another group meets in the society.When she was young the only thing she spoke at home was Basque. But when she began to walk out with her friends they would speak Spanish.The villages roundabout where Basque is most spoken.
N-017 A01 lifestyle His grandfather went as a youngman to Balentzixa to work and he married the daughter of the owner. They have about five acres of land: they have corn, beans and turnips. They used to have wheat, but not any more. They have a lot of walnut trees. They don’t need working and they produce plenty of yield. They sell them to the cider brewery at Usurbil.They also sell milk.They built a new big house, where they live now. There are very few big houses around that work exclusively on the land. He went away as a young man to make money. Most have got married and gone away. He thinks the house should go to the person who stays the longest in it and not for the eldest son.In the mornings if he doesn’t do the milking then the wife does it. Although he works away, when he comes home he does the chores of the house. His quietest time was when he was a soldier. Since then he has never had a holiday.The place, however, is marvelous.They work with the cows in the traditional way. They feed them and milk them three times a day. And even though the cows would not have any problem adapting to twice per day, the father would.