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D-042 A01 medicine:
I-031 A01
IR-018 B09
N-052 A09 jobs:
SU-005 A08
SN-007b A09 medicine:
SM-005a A01 medicine: - medicine: For spots: a glass of olive oil with another of lard both fried with rosemary.For bones: burn some bones and take the ashes while still fasting in the morning. Toothache: To burn some elder.Chamomile for the eye. Santonina for those children who suffer of tape-worms.Ear-ache: garlic fried in oilMistletoe for the blood pressureFor rheumatism: garlic nine days in a row, with the quantity increasing by day and then another nine days with a corresponding descrease in the quantity each day. Raw at breakfast.Cooked Nettles for blood pressure. Small amount because it drops quickly. Broken bones or ligaments “zainarte belarra” broken up and inserted between bindings.Mint Grass for colds.“Oskar belarra” for pimples.“Andura” for sciatica.Marshmallow for colds and for blood pressure. Also hollyhock.Laziness for flu.Raw Sorrel for the stomach.“Txikuri belarra” (dandelion) for the kidneys.Bruises, Swellings, mumps... a glass of wine, with a spoonful of oil and flour with bran and rue. Put the poultice on the painful spot. Don´t put it on the appendix.