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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
D-007 A01 anecdote - school - Basque language/Spanish
D-010 A05 day: - carnival: - festivals:
D-016 A07 civil war
D-019 A02 Christmas - day:
D-024 A03
D-024 A05
D-025 A05 Christmas
D-026 A03
D-043 A01 anecdote
D-057 A18
I-031 A03 Christmas
I-031 A04 miscellaneous
I-037 B05 carnival:
I-038 B16
I-071 A09 festivals - dance:
IR-002a A01
IR-003 A04 Christmas
IR-007 B05 Christmas
IR-013 B02 Christmas
IR-018 B07 music - festivals
IR-023c A01
M-004 A05 Christmas Nativity song (07.12"- 08.00").
N-067 A10 improviser of verses: Xalbador
PP-025 B10
PP-025 B11
PP-025 B04
S-014a A01
S-014a A10
S-014a A12
S-014a A13
S-014a A02
S-014a A03
S-014a A04
S-014a A05
S-014a A06
S-014a A07
S-014a A08
S-014a A09
SC-002b A01
SN-001b B5
SN-001b B6
SN-001b B7
SN-001b B4
SD-007a A09
SD-007a A10
SD-007a A11
SD-007a A12
SD-007a A13
SD-007a A14
SD-007a A08
SD-007a A07
SD-007a A06
SD-007a A03
SD-007a A04
SD-007a A05
SC-011d A01
II-022a A03
II-150b A07
II-150b A06
II-150b A02 game
II-150b A04 improvised verse
II-150b A01 game
SD-007a A02
SM-005a A02 religion: Prayer songs in Spanish.
SM-005a A03 The lullaby her mother sang her to sleep with.
SM-005a A04 game Children’s songs and chants
SM-005a A05 "Arri, arri mandoko". A song to clean the children with.
SM-005a A06 improvised verse About the verses of “Antón and Maria”. (23.20") The song they were sung by their father to fall asleep. Another songs.
SM-009 A05 Song: "Gipuzkoar baten kantu berriak"
SM-009 A07 Song: "Frantsesaren kantua".
I-091a A13 Songs.
S-014b A01 The song of St. John.
S-014b A03 religion (10.35") Singing that song they went to Loiola by train and then walking the rest. Anecdote about the time there was a fire. The fire started when they were sleeping in a haystack.
S-014b A04 Introduction of Juanita Larrea.(15.00") Xmas song(16.00") Another Xmas song.
S-014b A07 Song.
II-130b A02 Song.
II-141b A02 Song.
II-141b A04 Song.
SC-004b A02 The song "Ene izpirituan bazen zenbait bertsu" (in my soul there were some verses)
SC-004b A04 A song about Napoleón III.
SC-004b A06 improvised verse Another song from Bordel. "Gelariaren koplak".
SC-004b A07 improvised verse The Song "Bankako neskatoak".
SC-005a A01 Song "Agur bat euskaldunei" from 1968.
SC-005a A02 Song "Jeiki jeiki Maria Angela".
SC-005a A03 Song "Euskal Herrira bidaia" from 1970.
SC-005a A04 Song "Itzuli naiz oraintxe" from September 1970.
SC-005a A05 Song “Mari Angelaren partez, Eguberriko agurra" (A Xmas greeting from Mari Ángela").
SC-006a A01 improvised verse "Aldude mentako bertsoak": versos from Bordel in 1864.
SC-006a A02 improvised verse The verses "Ene izpirituan" (in my spirit) from Bordel.
SC-006a A03 improvised verse Song "Sortuz geroko hiltzia” from Bordel.
SC-006a A04 improvised verse Song "Luzaideko diruzain eta kontseilua" (treasurer and councillor from Luzaide) from Bordel.
SC-006a A05 improvised verse Song "Napoleon hirugarrenari" from Bordel.
SC-006a A06 improvised verse Song "Oroit gaiten guziok" (let us all remember), from Bordel.
SC-006a A07 Song "Agur Nafarroa".
SC-006a A08 Song "Nere makila" (my walking-stick).
SC-006a A09 Song"Argia dela diozu" (you tell me the sun has risen).Goodbye.
SC-004b A03 Song "Sortuz geroz zor dugun hiltzia".
SK-004b A02 language: The song "Ene txoria" in Japonese (with the melody of the song in Basque).The song "Alferraren astea" in euskera and Japonese.Song "Aldapeko sagarraren puntan" in Basque.
II-108a A06 religion: Prayer and song.
II-108a A08 improvised verse Verses from Otsobi sung by Erramun Martikorena.(42:08")Goodbye.
II-069b A02 improvised verse Verses.(34:25")An old song about the war.(40:15") Goodbye.
II-078b A02 A Song for Mass.
II-078b A04 Song for Mass.
II-078b A05 He returned in 1958 and he wrote in Basque the Sunday eves: song.
II-078b A07 Song for mass.
II-078b A09 Song for mass.
II-078b A10 miscellaneous What Lertxundi wrote in 1947 when he heard the new songs. (32:00"). Song for mass.(33:13") The continuation of what he wrote on hearing the new songs.
II-078b A11 Appreciations.(35:40") Song for mass.(39:10") "Elkarren ogi", written by Iratzeder.(43:25") Goodbye.
II-088a A03 A Song about ther War.
II-091b A01 Introduction: How they would spend the Xmases in the old days. There was no Olentzero so that it was the child Jesus who would leave the presents. (02:10") The song "Eguberri" by Marcel Errotabere sung by Erramun Martikorena.
II-091b A04 Erramun Martikorena sings a Xmas song.
II-091b A06 religion: Prayer and Song.
SC-006b A01 improvised verse Gelariaren koplak, written by Bordel to a young woman who wanted to laugh at him.
SC-006b A02 improvised verse Etxaundiko kantiak, by Bordel.
SC-006b A03 improvised verse Bankako neskatoen kantia, (a song of the young girls from Banka) by Bordel.
SC-006b A04 improvised verse Montevideoko zahar baten arrangurak (the laments of an old man from Montevideo).
SC-006b A05 improvised verse Argentinako letxero eta ostalerrak (milkmaids and maid servants from Argentina).
SC-006b A06 A Song of "Adam and Eva".
SC-006b A07 The Song "Otxalderi hasten naiz".
SC-006b A08 The Song"Xarmangarria".
SC-006b A09 improvised verse A Song made by him about the unification of the Basque.Goddbye.
SC-007a A01 A song recorded when Angela was eight years old in 1970: "Salamancara" (to Salamanca).
SC-008a A01 improvised verse The verses "Luzaideko gazteria" (the youth of Luzaide) by Bordel.
SC-008a A05 improvised verse - Basque language Euskaldun batek Kaliforniatik (A Basque-speaker from California), November of 1967. About the unification of the Basque country.Goodbye.
SC-008b A04 improvised verse Oroit gaiten guziok (let us all remember), from Bordel.
SC-008b A05 improvised verse Ene andre ona (my good wife), made by her husband.
SC-009a A01 improvised verse Verses: "Agur Angel ilobari" (Greetings to my nephew, Angel).
SC-009a A02 improvised verse Verse: "Artzainaren partitzea" (the Shepherd’s march).
SC-010a A01 improvised verse What happened to Bordel when he was a soldier in 1863.
SC-010a A02 improvised verse “Heriotze krudel bat" (a cruel death), it took place in Arnegi prepared by the father and the daughter for her husband.
SC-010a A03 Song "Agur Nafarroa" (Hail to Navarra).
SC-010a A04 Song "Zazpi uso doatzi amalau hegalez" (seven doves are flying on fourteen wings).
SC-010b A01 improvised verse Barberain kantiak (the song of the medical barber).
SC-010b A02 improvised verse Lehenengo Gerrate Karlisten kantiak (Song of the first Carlist War) (1832-1839), from 1838 by Bordel.
SC-010b A03 improvised verse “Bigarren Gerrate Karlisten kantiak" (Song of the second Carlist War (1872-1876).
SC-010b A04 Verses about the frontier between Spain and France, in 1865.
SC-011a A01 improvised verse Euskarari mintzo naiz Kaliforniatik (I talk to the Basque country from California ), a verse made in February, 1975.
SC-011a A02 improvised verse Esposen kantiak (song of the wedded couple), made in 1975 when Juan Bautista Arrosagarai y Maria Socorro Eginoa got married.
SC-011a A03 improvised verse A verse of appreciation to Don Miguel Sagaseta for the book of danzas-iauziz (dances) which he made.
II-067a A01 (1.30") Song: "Bizi naiz munduan" (I live in the world).
II-067a A02 Verses from Dibarrart: "Sorlekua dut" (my cradle).
II-067a A03 Some verses about America.
II-067a A04 Ene maite xarmangarria (my darling beauty).
II-067a A05 Verses written by Dibarrart about the winter.(45:10") Goodbye.
II-092a A01 Introduction.(02:33") Song
II-092a A02 Another song.
II-092a A03 (13.05") Song.
II-092a A04 (15.50") Song.
II-092a A05 Song.
II-092a A06 (25.25") Song.
II-092a A07 Song
II-092a A08 (36:23") Song.
II-092a A09 (40:00") Song.
II-092a A10 (43:30") Song.(42:10") Goodbye.
II-095a A01 improvised verse Introduction. Verses from Xalbador about the widow, sung by Joxe Premun.
II-095a A02 improvised verse verses about some Basque soldiers.
II-095a A03 improvised verse (11:20") Verses about two famous handball players from Aldude.
II-095a A05 improvised verse (23:48") Verses.
II-095a A06 improvised verse (31:25")Song: "Antton eta Maria".
II-095a A07 improvised verse (38:00") Verses.(45:40") Goodbye.
II-147b A01 Introduction. (01:40")Song.
II-147b A02 The Tale of a donkey (05:30") His uncle showed him in the forest working on the wood.
II-147b A03 improvised verse Song.
II-147b A05 Song
II-147b A06 improvised verse (12:45")Introduction. He had met Larramendi. (14:38") "Hamar mandamenduak" (the ten commandments), a verse from Larramendi.
II-147b A07 improvised verse (23:27") Mattin and Xalbador speaking to the rector in the fiestas of Arnegi.Verses from Xalbador.
II-147b A08 improvised verse (31:40") Verses written by Manex himself in 1943. Verses written when he was a prisoner in Miranda. "Mirandako bertsoak" (verses from Miranda).
II-147b A09 improvised verse Erramun Martikorena sings verses from Jean Bardier de Garazi.(46:38") Goodbye.
SC-005b A01 improvised verse Verses to he who was Pedro Iroz Etxamendi.
SC-005b A02 improvised verse Xmas Greetings of the year 1973
SC-005b A03 improvised verse Verses made on Xmas Day.
SC-005b A05 improvised verse Verses which he made when they got married in Turlock in 1974, Baptiste Etxepare y Cristine Barlot: "Esposen kantiak" (song of the wedded couple).
SC-005b A06 improvised verse Verses "Gure mintzaira" (our tongue), made in 1973.
SC-009b A02 improvised verse Zazpi urtez ene bizian hiru partetan (seven years of my life in three parts), made in 1978.
SC-009b A04 improvised verse Verses made in 1975, when his nephew Bautista and Maria Socorro got married in Roncesvalles.Goodbye
SC-011e A01 Oilarra txuri-beltza (the black and white cock), a children’s song.
SC-011e A02 A Song for the Baztandarren Biltzarra.
SC-011e A03 Song.
SC-011e A04 The Song: "Agur-agurrak" .
SC-011f A12 There was only seven years difference between her and her niece and both went to work as serving girls in Eibar.(15:00") The song of Rodrigo de Balzate.She has never gone to Arantzazu on a pilgrimage. She has been often to Urkiola. (16:06") The hymns to San Antonio.The festival on the last Saturday in August in Abadiño is worth seeing. They go to Urkiola and when they return, the festival begins for everyone.
SD-009a A02 music When his “brothers” left Spain. He learnt music with them and how to play the chistu. After the war music bands were formed. He played the chistu with different bands. He has been to many places playing the chistu. His last trip was in 1958. Since then he only plays at home. In winter he teaches music to children. (09.08")Part of the chistu.(09.58") Song.(12.15") Song: "Uxo zuria".(13.20") Song: "Gazte gaztetik".
II-129a A02 improvised verse (08:40") Verses "Euskara ikasi" (learn Basque ) sung by Erramun Martikorena.
II-129a A03 improvised verse (16:15") the speech of the euskaltzaina who took part in the campaign"Bai euskarari"twenty years before.(17:33") Verses sung by Gaston Erramuspe.
II-129a A04 improvised verse (25:28") Verses sung by Antton Mossost.
II-129a A05 improvised verse (30:12") Verses sung by Erramun Martikorena.
II-129a A01 improvised verse Introduction.The people who met for the Deiador meeting in favor of the Basque language. (03:25") In order to teach Basque the verses of Xalbador "Herria eta hizkuntza" (A People and a Language).
II-086b A04 improvised verse (36:35") Verses.(40:17")How he learnt those verses.(44:35") Goodbye.
II-086b A02 improvised verse (20:25") Verses from the great War of 1914.(28:18") These verses turned up in the village seven or eight years after the War.
II-086b A03 improvised verse (30:25") Verses: "Hamar mandamenduak" (The ten commandments).(34:58") How he learnt the verses.
II-086b A01 game: Introduction: Martin Olhats, who worked on the land and in the vineyards, sings old songs.The verses which they sang at a famous game of pelota.An article that Mariano Izeta wrote about that game of handball. Lapurdi won the game and the crowd from Guipuzcoa lost a lot of money. The archbishop of Pamplona punished Gamio, the handball player, for playing without his permission. He spent a lot of time in Lapurdi until he had served his punishment. But the people from Lapurdi appreciated him a lot and they gave him a white horse as a gift. He returned to Ciga, his place of birth, on the white horse. He never played again but he would travel about to all the places where there was a game on his white horse. (07:30") Verses.(13:10") How he learnt the verses. Anecdotes.
II-047b A05 (31.57") Geixan Ozafren sings "Antton eta Maria".
II-047b A06 (38:57") Jean Baptiste Peruret sings the verses of a man who had been to America.(46:40") Goodbye.
II-047b A04 Verses written by the bersolari (verse-maker) from Banka to the old cow sung by Antton Mossot.
II-047b A03 (21:20") Gaston Erramuste sings.
II-047b A01 Introduction: In the old days Xmas was celebrated in a very humble way.(02.20") Sung by Jean Baptiste Peirutet.
II-047b A02 11.10") Sung by Erramun Martikorena: he found these verses written by Beñat Gazteluzahar en 1686 on the tape of Herria from 1945: "Amak salutatzen du Jesus bere haurra" (The mother salutes her child Jesus).
II-103b A02 Uso xuria (white dove), a song from the XV century sung by Erramun Martikorena.
II-103b A04 Song.
II-103b A07 improvised verse Verses from Xalbador about hunting sung by Gaston Erramuzpe.
II-113a A02 Song.
II-116a A02 Song.
II-116a A06 Song.
II-117b A02 Song"Eguzki denean" (When dawn rises)
II-117b A04 Song.
II-118a A02 Song.
II-118a A04 Song.
II-118a A06 Song.
II-123a A02 Song.
II-123a A04 (30:17")Song.(34:40") Goodbye.
II-119b A04 Song.(44:35") Goodbye.
XH-001 A01 miscellaneous - joke (03:35") This week the Xorroxin Radio will be in the ikastola (Basque school). Today the children from the fourth class will do the program. Each one introduces themselves. (12:10") Activities program: Santa Agueda, "Orakundea", Carnivales...Advice on how to look after livestock.Jokes. Song.
XH-013 B01 joke - riddle (02:10") Each one introduces themselves.(07:05") Song: "Miru eta Mara".(09:10”) Two calendars are awarded to those who got the answers correct.(29:12") Song: "Ikusten duzu goizean".(31:00") Jokes.(33:28") Poetry.(36:30") Song: "Ama begira ezazu".(38:40”) Medical advice on how to cure wounds.(40:08”) Verses for those who have flu.(42:25”) Children from 1º and 2º class have written a book, with their versions of “PussinBoots” and “The Lead Soldier”.
XH-026 A01 tale Today’s program will be made by the children from the third year class. Each one introduces themselves. (08:35")Song. (12:14") Story.
XH-026 B01 joke - riddle - tongue twister Congratulatory greetings and song dedications.(11:45") Song "Ama begira ezazu".(14:47") Tonguetwisters.(17:55")Jokes.(24:35") An award of two calendars for the winners of the quiz.
II-129b A02 Song: "Aitorren hizkuntz zaharra".
II-129b A04 Song.
II-129b A06 Song.
II-146a A02 Song: "Aitorren hizkuntz zaharra".
II-134b A02 Song.
II-134b A05 Song.
II-145a A02 Song.
II-145a A06 Song.
II-168a A03 Song.
II-168a A06 Song.
II-173b A02 Song
II-173b A04 Song.
II-164a A02
II-164a A02 Song.
II-077a A05 improviser of verses:
II-077a A07 improviser of verses:
II-077a A09 improviser of verses: Xalbador
II-077a A11
II-075a A06 improviser of verses:
II-075a A09 improviser of verses:
II-075a A11
II-075a A12 improviser of verses:
II-075a A13 improviser of verses: Mattin
II-117a A04
II-117a A06 improviser of verses:
II-117a A10
II-117a A14 improviser of verses:
II-135a A14
II-135a A18
II-134a A11
II-134a A15
II-134a A17
II-134a A19
II-134a A21