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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
I-001 B01 anecdote
IR-021 A05
PP-001 A04
SH-003 A05
SM-011 A28
SR-009 A09 winter
SU-005 A27
I-014 A04 school - jobs:
I-026 B05 miscellaneous
SM-009 A12 anecdote He was blind for one month. Then they operated on his eyes. He didn’t want to have the operation but in the end he did it. He has come out of it very well.He has only been to the doctor twice in his life. He tells the two occasions. The first time was when he had an infection and the second time was a bite from a snake. How the doctor got the poison out.
I-090a A03 Those were hard times.Carbuncle: the cows got swollen up. How they were cured in these cases.Many sheep would explode. The “baboxa” grass would damage them The lucerne was very good.
I-092 A10 nature - medicine: The sheep infections were cured by boiling the bark of an elm tree.When their eyes became white as a result of the infection, some lavender was cut to measure and it was inserted in the eye. Within a couple of days it began to get better because the puss started to come out. To get rid of a rash from the skin in the sheep sulphur with flour was applied.A heart stroke in humans was cured with bloodsuckers. They were placed on a vein and it swoll up as if it would explode.When they had a “punta” (a coin was placed inside a glass along with cotton soaked in alcohol and it was set alight to make the glass suck it in).There were vets at that time to help with the birth of the young animals.The pigs who were about to be born would choke to death inside because of the hair.How they saved them. When the cows had carbuncle, the back was opened and salt was put on.A heifer had a stroke. One vet told him to kill it and another one cured it.Those who lived close to Nature knew more about it, but they have all gone now.
I-092 A11 anecdote - moon The influence of the moon on the rain, the wood, the building wood...and so on.When his boy was still without teeth, he had worms and could not even open his mouth.They put oil in the holes of the gums and that opened the mouth.
IR-014b A06 jobs: For pains in the tummy they took camomile.In the old days the people had more resistance. Nowadays they go too often to the doctor. In the village there has always been a good doctor.She had a colic.
II-013a A02 animal husbandry: "Trilua" was the most frequent illness among the sheep.They also had worms. There were pills to cure that."Eskaria" was another illness. The solution was olive oil.(32:24") Another illness. They had noticed it in the horses.(35:00") Carbuncle.An illness called "zimurra" (wrinkles). It was an illness of the eye.Poisonous grass.(46:40") Goodbye.
SC-007a A02 America - jobs: Juan Cruz was in Euskal Herria last year. He found a big change and noticed how the Basque language has been lost in many areas.He went to Calafornia in 1925. He had already got three brothers there by then. They were a big family at home. Also, there was a practice then of escaping from doing the military service by going abroad. For these two reasons he took himself off to Calafornia. First he went to New York and from there to California. His brothers were not far off and a cousin took him to them. The first years were the hardest as he didn’t even have the language under control.He had his first health problem in 1950. He suffered a heart attack. It took a long time to get over the thing completely. In 1952 he bought sheep again and continued for four more years. But when he worked hard he would get the pain. The doctor told him not to sell the sheep but to get someone who could do the hard work for him. Later he worked as a wool buyer.