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II-123b A01 nutrition: - nutrition: apples Introduction. He learnt to make cider from his father and his grandfather.(02:00”) At first he went to the village school and then to the one in Hazparne. He began to work when he was thirteen.Before there were apples to be found in all the houses, of different types: red, “madari-sagar” (peary-shaped) winter apples…now most of them have been lost, because the way of life has changed.Per year, they used to do from two to four tun barrels of cider. It would last six months.(10:00”) Before, in most houses there were a couple of serving boys working. The machinery started to appear from about 1940. About the machinery. The press was similar to that used for wine. The cider was left for two days and then it was passed into the barrels. If the old barrels became bad there was no way they could be cleaned. They were made, mostly, from oak wood.Cider can begin to be drunk after one month. It was mostly drunk in summer, when it was hot, but it could be drunk at any time. It is better to drink cider than wine, but it will never take its place. He had never heard of cider being sold commercially.(26:00”) The best apple to make cider with is the “anitza”, because it has the sugar which the cider needs.Before, everyone had apples. Later with the passing of time and the change of lifestyle they disappeared. The kind of barrel which he has. The changes in the weather and its influence on the apples. (32:15”) In order to make good cider it is necessary to have good apples and it is necessary to store the cider in a good barrel. That is all that is needed.Apples were also used to feed the livestock, just as chestnuts were also used as well as nuts and acorns. The chestnuts that are around now are Japonese and they do not keep. Before they were local variety and they were stronger.This year the weather has been very bad and no apples were picked. Before, wine was also made there, as there was nothing else to drink. But apples don’t create work when they are infected, as happens with the vine. They trees were given a paste of made of mud and manure from cows and they were rapped in cloth.Before, there were better apples, as the trees and the fruit were of local varieties.His cider was well-known there. People would come from France. But, unlike wine, it is not possible to drink cider all the time. (45:25”) Goodbye.