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X-023b A01 The situation of Cristina Yaben, from the homestead Bordo˝enea de Arizkun. It is now seven years since they asked the County Council of the Baztan to fix a 400 meter path up to the house. They were received with interest by the Mayor. Six years later, the pathway was still not made. In 1997 the Council accepted for the second time the responsibility to do the work. Two more years have passed and the pathway is still not fixed. The woman lives alone in that house. At the beginning of March the machines came in and lifted all the earth but, instead of putting down the pathway, they have left the house more isolated than ever as now no vehicle can come into the place.Moreover, the woman needs to be attended by a doctor and the doctor cannot reach the house, so they have the consultations by telephone.She blames the Mayor for the whole state of affairs as well as one of the councilors. She has asked the neighbors not to remain silent about the problem. They have often called the Mayor and the councilor but they never answer. They have a worker who answers for them.