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Abaurrepea/Abaurrea Baja

Town Dialects Maps Records
Abaurrepea/Abaurrea Baja 9
Record Type Collection Main theme Title Informant
NEZ-120 Texto Nafarroako Esaera Zaharrak Aezkoa. Proverbs..
IR-023d Audio Irati Irratia Juana Reha Arriola
SM-004 Audio Satrustegi The village. Basque writer. The profession. In Irurita. The verse singer husband. Girl school. The grandfather. Several jobs. The accident. Cowherd job. The witch. The daughter´s disease. Perpetua Saragüeta
SM-008a Audio Satrustegi Amazing events at home. Family memories. The mother´s fast. Basque first names. Lazaro: at war. In the jail. After the death. Perpetua Saragüeta.
SM-008b Audio Satrustegi Clairvoyance. Copper mine. Telepathy. Thieves. Deads. Perpetua Saragüeta.
SM-010a Audio Satrustegi Life, the job. News of Abaurrea Baja. Witch stories. Antonio Castellot. Rosa Erro Redín. José Arraiz Zubiri. Estefania Laurenz.
SM-010b Audio Satrustegi Witch things, misfortunes. Dead animals. Funeral rites. Estefanía Laurenz.
SM-012a Audio Satrustegi News of Abaurrea Baja. Witches. Estefanía Laurenz.
SM-012b Audio Satrustegi Customs of Abaurrea Baja. The fire. Farak. The wash. The flax. Estefanía Laurenz.