In this section you can find information about the towns included in the study


Town Dialects Maps Records
Aniz 9
Record Type Collection Main theme Title Informant
NEZ-093 Texto Nafarroako Esaera Zaharrak Baztan. Proverbs..
N-003 Audio Orreaga Ibarra Free conversation: school memories, military service, work, carnivals...
T-019 Audio Toponimia Jaime Yanci Irigoyen. Marcos Irigoyen Irungaray.
ATBA-088 Audio Ahozko Tradizioa Baztan Prayers. Relationships between locals. Houses in Aniz. Registers: thou and you. The moon. Remedies. Witches. ANIZ.5
ATBA-089 Audio Ahozko Tradizioa Baztan Smuggling. Agriculture. Sayings about the villages and houses. Songs. Music. School in Spanish. Social life in the village. Fairs. Basque language. Almandoz very Spanish. Anecdotes. Cider. Old measurements. Communal jobs. ANIZ.6
ATBA-087 Audio Ahozko Tradizioa Baztan Time of war. Agotes. Games. Religion. Fiestas and dances which used to be celebrated in the village. Outhouses. Coats of arms. Wolves. Childrenĺs songs. Meanings of several names. Remedies. The church and the old inn. Beliefs. Witches. Dead souls. Predicting the weather. Songs. Basque language. Anecdotes. ANIZ.4
ATBA-086 Audio Ahozko Tradizioa Baztan Hawkers. Food. Relationship between villages. Religion. Agriculture. Remedies. "Kattalin firun-farun". ANIZ.3
ATBA-085 Audio Ahozko Tradizioa Baztan Work as shepherd. Agriculture. Chestnuts. The moon. Wild mushrooms. Smuggling. Time as a soldier. Fiestas of Aniz. Witches. Old time. ANIZ.2
ATBA-084 Audio Ahozko Tradizioa Baztan Work as livestock dealer. Common lands. The road. Relationships with Baztan villages. Sayings about the villages. Anecdotes. Sayings. ANIZ.1