In this section you can find information about the towns included in the study


Town Dialects Maps Records
Uharte-Arakil 12
Record Type Collection Main theme Title Informant
RLT19-012 Texto Religious texts, 19th C. Sermons (1833)
NEZ-013 Texto Nafarroako Esaera Zaharrak Uharte-Arakil. Proverbs..
I-071 Audio Orreaga Ibarra
IC-019 Audio Inaki Camino
SH-001 Audio Satrustegi Shepherd life, foxes. Dolmens. Work places in the village. Snakes in the mountains (in the cabin). Pedro Huarte.
SH-002a Audio Satrustegi News of the village. San Miguel and Teodosio. Verb. Priests and beliefs. Sir Santiago, hunter. Pedro Huarte.
SH-002b Audio Satrustegi Brotherhood of San Miguel. Brotherhoods in the villages. Days of rogations and litanies. The dragon´s hole. Teodosio´s chains. Inozenzio Ayerbe.
SH-003 Audio Satrustegi Life. The mill. Buying the forest. Plazaola. Rheumatism. Seeing the mine. Caves. Swineherd. Pigsties. Under the trees. Customs of Saint Jonh´s day. Saint Antón. Juan Miguel Huarte.
SH-004 Audio Satrustegi Youth. Soldier. Shepherd. Vizcaya and France. Blessed water. Cheese elaboration. Flint to boil the milk. Pigsties. "Errekattue". Shepherd cabins. Dolmens. Roldán. Javier Beregaña.
SH-005b Audio Satrustegi Xakaaxenea house. Festivities, rogations. Dictionary. Flax: Agiri. Francisco Razquin Huarte.
SS-016d Audio Satrustegi People brought some stones. Inocencio Ayerbe.
T-364 Audio Toponimia Lucio Gorriti (1908).