Legal advice

Legal advice



The second-level Internet domain is owned by the Government of Navarra, address: Paulino Caballero 13, Pamplona/Iruña, 31002, Spain, C.I.F. (Fiscal Number): S-3100001C. In addition, the Government of Navarra promotes direct communication with citizens through the following channels: Personal Euskarabidea/Instituto Navarro del Euskera Paulino Caballero 13 – 31002 Pamplona/Iruña By phone Switchboard: 848 – 427000 Citizen service: 848 – 427100 In Internet Navarra portal mailbox These regulations govern the use of this Internet portal, offered to citizens by the Government of Navarra in order to foster access to the Autonomous Government’s information and services and thus strengthen the relations between the citizenship and the Autonomous Government of Navarra and Independent Agencies. By visiting and using this Website, you accept the Terms of Use in this Legal Notice. The services on this Website are available as long as you are logged in to the Website or its services. The Government of Navarra reserves the right to modify contents on the Website and these Terms of Use periodically without prior notice. Therefore, users should read this Legal Notice whenever they use this Website. Likewise, there could exist rules regulating the e-relations between the Autonomous Government of Navarra and this Website’s users which the parties must abide by, so users are asked to be informed of their content. Some of the Website’s services and contents that are available to users could be subject to specific conditions, regulations or instructions that substitute for, complement or modify this Legal Notice. When you use these services or contents, you accept the relevant conditions, regulations or instructions.


2.1. Correct use of Website

Users undertake to use this Website and the services made available in it in compliance with the Law and this Legal Notice. The Government of Navarra will watch over the compliance of the above conditions, as well as the correct use of the contents presented on this Website, taking pertinent civil or criminal action in case of infringement of these rights or incorrect or unauthorised use. It is forbidden to use this Website for purposes that might overload, damage or put out of action networks, communications systems, servers, hardware equipment, software products or applications owned by the Government of Navarra or by third parties.

  1. Users undertake not to carry out any of the following activities, among others: Reproduce, copy, handle, distribute, divulge, publish, transform or modify this Website’s contents, whether totally or partially, or treat them in any way that breaches the legally recognised rights of the owner, without prior written consent of the Government of Navarra or the owner of the intellectual or industrial property rights.
  2. Destroy, alter or damage the electronic documents or data owned by the Autonomous Government of Navarra or third parties, or render them useless.
  3. Hinder or prevent other users to access this Website or the services in it through the massive use of its resources, or perform actions that could damage these resources, render them useless, or create error.
  4. Use this Website to try and access information system restricted areas or gain privileges.
  5. Introduce programmes, malware, macros, applets, ActiveX controls, or any other codes that could alter the contents or the software on this Website or on third parties’ websites.
  6. Use this Website or the services available in it to encourage or promote criminal, humiliating, slanderous or offensive actions or, in general, actions contrary to Law or public order.
  7. Use this Website or the services available in it to encourage or promote discriminatory actions or ideas based upon race, gender, ideology, religion or beliefs.

2.2. Official publications

The contents, regulation and, in general, information available in this Website may be used solely for information purposes, so they should never be relied on as the basis for doing or failing to do something. Their validity and accuracy must be checked with the corresponding official administrative sources. The information on this Website provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The Government of Navarra disclaims all warranties, express or implied. In case of differences between the contents on this Website and the official version, the latter is the only legally valid version.