Privacy Terms and collaboration

Privacy Terms

  • The autonomous Euskarabidea -  Instituto Navarrodel Euskera, Government of Navarra (hereinafter Euskarabidea) you own, non-profit, "MediaTek - The media center of Basque in Navarre" (hereinafter, "MediaTek") and ensure free access to their funds in all visitors.
  • Euskarabidea enables viewing and listening in as free and free of all pages and testimony pertaining to the MediaTek. In any case, is strictly prohibited publication or download all or part of any item without prior authorization, and legally ensure that no one infringes the copyright law, publishing and intellectual property agreed.
  • For editing the contents of MediaTek in media other than publications and this website will take into account the general conditions for collaboration, authorship, and each of the media fund accounts, the access requirements in the MediaTek.
  • In the case of authorizing the issue of the Archives materials to individuals or institutions other than co-sponsors, shall bear the costs of operation (media, downloads ...).
  • For his part, co-partners, on request made to that effect, have appropriate authorization to use the Archive free in their work and work, provided they are conducted without profit. In any case, the source shall contain the following information:
  • Informant.
  • Location
  • Investigator / collaborator - co
  • MediaTek, the media center of Basque in Navarre


Co-authorship Clauses

  • There shall be a commitment-free agreement-authorship collaboration in the MediaTek. From the date of commitment, the person, institution, association, etc.. Index appear in the co-partners in alphabetical order in which they provide a brief biography and bibliography of co-co, or a brief cultural history institution or co-partner association.
  • Each partner gives up your rights of MediaTek exclusively for this edition and in this web support, and reserves the copyright and publishing their contributions in order to use them outside the brackets MediaTek in any edition.
  • The autonomous Euskarabidea / Instituto Navarro de Navarra Basque Government (hereinafter Euskarabidea) is the owner of the MediaTek, and ensure free access to their funds in all visitors. Euskarabidea reproduced or partial discharge or any element thereof without prior authorization and legally ensure that no one infringes the copyright law, publishing and intellectual property.
  • For editing the contents of MediaTek in media other than publications or web page made (, employees give up their copyright and publishing exclusively on the following circumstances:
  • For the publication of the Guide to MediaTek, where there will be an anthology of testimonies and texts.
  • For anthologies of evidence used in the preparation of lesson plans for teaching.
  • For playback of testimony presented in anthologies of doctoral theses and scientific research.
  • In the case of informative publications and commercial Euskarabidea must consult employees and shall comply with signed with them in the particular assignment clauses, paying, if applicable, the copyright and publishing.
  • The employees will be allowed to use in their works and, non-profit and upon request, MediaTek funds.
  • As MediaTek is intended as a reference work, study, consultation and dissemination of the oral heritage of Navarre, is subject to the following code of ethics for use of the materials by users:
  • Obtain prior authorization Euskarabidea.
  • To record the source of the materials (MediaTek).
  • Getting a reference to the MediaTek research literature and a summary of their results, in order to increase the funds of this in the conditions explained above.