Cryptocurrency China in 2020 may significantly affect the world market

Experts from Deutsche Bank announced the assumption that the new kriptovalyutny asset developed by China’s central bank may shift the center of economic power, and even undermine the dominance of the dollar on the world market.

 The opinion was expressed in a report by German experts, entitled «The Future of Payment». Analysts believe that cryptocurrency in China, namely the CBDC, can be used as both soft and hard power rather. There is a possibility that its creation will have a significant impact on the global economy.

 Looking back at China, cryptocurrency news may shake in the near future – in the document refers to the fact that if the Chinese companies and companies doing business with the country, will be imposed on the use of digital yuan, the latter can substantially undermine the dollar’s position in the financial market.

 However, experts emphasize that even rapid spread of digital payments will not eliminate the use of fiatnyh money. The forecast is made for the next 10 years.

 experts’ forecasts are based on a series of surveys carried out in different parts of the world, including a financial institution clients. The study involved 3,600 people took part. According to its users, it is more convenient fiatnye money – they provide anonymity of transactions, accept them all, without exception. In addition, thanks to the use of paper money is easier to control the amount of spending.

 In addition to the forecast of what may soon show cryptocurrency China, in 2020, experts say, in the next few years, digital zoom payments will contribute to the disappearance of the usual plastic cards.

 The forecast for the next five years, representatives of Deutsche Bank noted that, probably, the volume of mobile payments will increase four-fold. experts also emphasize the fact that this report is mainly about the developed countries.

 About what caused the growth of Chinese kriptovalyutnyh projects can be found in our separate article.

 Recall that cryptocurrency was named one of the most effective ways to overcome the financial crisis, natural disasters.

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